Information about the invoice and part payment service

Select invoice or part payment

Safe and easy.


Recieve your products and pay for your purchase thereafter.


You can decide on the most suitable payment schedule from the options at hand.

The service provides you with the opportunity to pay for your online and in-store purchases by invoice or part payment. You will always have an interest-free payment period of at least two weeks. After receiving the invoice, you have the possibility to apply for a safe and easy payment plan at a pace of your choosing or to pay the invoice in full after receiving your purchased products.

Safe and easy
The service consists of a one-time credit that provides a safe and easy way to pay for your purchase after you have received your products by either invoice or instalments. All you need to do when conducting a purchase is to state your identity and provide the needed information in order for us to make a credit decision.

After the approved credit decision and in conjunction with the delivery of your products, an invoice is distributed to you. You decide whether you want to pay the invoice in full or apply for a payment plan based on the options at hand.

A credit agreement with Collector Bank AB requires an approved credit decision and will take effect after you have approved the related general credit terms.

Information about the payment method
In order to use the payment method, we require you to have a Swedish social security number and a permanent and official registered address in Sweden. The payment method is only available to private individuals and requires a clean payment history.

What is the cost for using the payment method?
When choosing invoice as payment method for your online purchase you will have an interest-free payment period of at least two weeks. An invoice fee may be applied. For in-store purchases, Collector Bank reserves the right to add an invoice fee when using the payment method. When choosing one of the part payment options, all associated costs and fees will be clearly specified. Some stores may charge an additional fee for providing the payment method, specified in conjunction with your purchase.

For an example purchase of SEK 10 000 paid over 12 months with a credit interest rate of 9,95 %, the annual effective interest rate amounts to 23,36 %. The total cost of the credit amounts to SEK 11 050,20.

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